Batik Wrapsody Headband in Bubbles

Designer: Nancy Bankston of Hands to Hearts

$ 15.00

Hand Created by Balinese Artisans

    Our Wrapsody Headbands are unique and special in that they are completely hand dyed making them wearable art.  They are multi purpose as obviously a headband but also a neck scarf and a buff.
  • How to wear: Headband both under and over the hair, soft neck scarf, buff worn loosely over the nose/mouth to protect against dust or cold and also a full head covering.
  • When to use: Working out, hanging out, when experiencing hair loss, for dusty or chilly weather conditions.  Comes with "a suggested usage guide"
  • Similar items:  Turban Headbands, Braided Headbands
  • What to match with:  Anything, anytime.  Never have a "bad hair day" again!
  • Size guide:  One size
  • Creation:  Hand dyed Cotton lycra.  
  • Washing Instruction:  Machine washable, air dry.  Color is permanent.  Dye will never run or fade.
  • Made by:  Artisans in Bali, Indonesia

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