Our Cause


A cause that is very close to our hearts and our artisans in Bali are Solemen. The foundation is a non-profit providing direct support for the disadvantaged and disabled in Bali. Established in October 2010, Solemen is one of Bali's most trusted and visible charities.



Every month, Hands to Hearts contributes a percentage of its proceeds directly to the Solemen Foundation. With Solemen, Hands to Hearts found a cause that fits our vision and is based out of the same area as our producers.

The vision is that you might not be able to save everyone, but you can make a big difference to at least a few. We believe in the same vision and think our support embeds good energy on our fashions journey, from producer to consumer.



Solemen was founded by Robert Epstone and is a dedicated team of medical specialists and volunteers.

Parts of the enthusiastic team is also dedicated to fundraising as the need is endless and they are working hard to grow the contribution every day.



When our collaboration with Solemen started, we co-developed a bracelet for Hands to Hearts to offer.

100% of the proceeds went to the Solemen Foundation.

Since these sold out, we have continued to donate 1% of our sales (not profit, sales).


We believe in giving back and we believe that there can be few better purposes than supporting those who unwillingly are unable to support themselves.

It is our goal to become the biggest private supporter to Solemen and the Solebuddies.

Learn more at www.solemen.org