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You probably know the feeling of looking into a closet stuffed with clothes – and still feel like you have nothing to wear! What if I told you, we have beautiful garments that eliminate this frustration?

Products featured in this piece: Sarongs, Skirty Tops, Soul Warmer

Author: Nancy Bankston

There are many perks to mixing and matching: You get more wear out of each piece in your wardrobe if you are easily able to pick out items and have fun with finding cool combinations!

Products featured in this piece: Skirt, Soul warmer, Necklace, Headband, Pants, Scarf

Author: Nancy Bankston

An article written by Maureen Azzato for Gifts & Decorative Accessories, about how Nancy Bankston came up with the idea for Hands to Hearts, found suppliers in Bali and where the brand is going.

Products featured in this piece: Crop leggins, long leggings, Soul warmer

Author: Maureen Azzato

Whether it is Aunt Zelda's annual casserole dinner or the office party, here are 4 outfits in colorful batik and glittering chrocheted covers that will make you the most delicious Holiday treat of them all.

Author: Nancy Bankston

Selecting presents "off the wish-list" is can be a somewhat scary task. To help you out we have put together a list of some of our favorite pieces that will surely impress the receiver!

Author: Nancy Bankston

Are you ready for rocking the coming Holiday season with a little extra flair? If you think a little extra red could make a difference than you need to take a look at this article.

Author: Nancy Bankston


Honestly. We just think you should be able to look great, effortlessly. Hands to Hearts is about empowering everyone from the Hands who make our fashion to the Hearts who wear our it.

— Nancy Bankston

Co-founder & CEO, Hands to Hearts

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