Wrapsody Headband Warm Palette

Designer: Nancy Bankston of Hands to Hearts

$ 15.00

Hand Created by Balinese Artisans

We are so proud of our beautiful hand dyed Batik Wide Wrapsody Headbands.  These prints are included in our Warm color palette.

  • How to wear:  This is a high quality hand printed headband that can be enjoyed many different ways.  They are so soft and beautiful as a neck scarf, a buff and a headband.  In response to hair loss, they are wide enough to completely cover the entire head.  Each headband comes with an instructional card.
  • Size guide:  One size fits most.
  • Washing instructions:  Machine washable.  Air dry.  Dye is permanent and will not run.
  • Created by artisans in Bali, Indonesia