Declutter Your Closet With Super Versatile Items

Declutter Your Closet With Super Versatile Items

You probably know the feeling of looking into a closet stuffed with clothes – and still feel like you have nothing to wear! What if I told you, we have beautiful garments that eliminate this frustration? Guess what? Our versatile products offer multiple options depending on how you wear and mix/match them.

There are many benefits to decluttering your wardrobe and having less items. Our top reasons are:

1. It’s environmentally friendly

The fashion industry is the second most polluting to our planet – partially because of fast fashion. We obviously all need something to wear. Buying pieces you truly love, that will last you for a long time, is a way of taking the environment into consideration when purchasing clothes. Additionally, the more wear you get out of a single piece, the less items you’ll actually need.

2. Frees up time for what is really important

Purging your closet makes it easier to choose every morning because you can just throw things together. This strategy will leave you more time for what is really important – spending time being your best self and creating your best life.

3. Makes for easier packing and lighter traveling

With garments you can use for multiple purposes there is no need to pack as much. Your suitcase will become lighter without you missing anything while away. You can easily pack ten days of Hands to Hearts in a carry on bag. You will land at your destination ready to go on an adventure!


The Soul Warmer

It is not a coincidence that the Soul Warmer is a long-time favorite! The Soul Warmer always looks absolutely amazing and can be worn over basically anything. But did you know, that it can also be worn as almost anything? Okay, we might be exaggerating just a little bit – but you get the point. It’s possible uses include as a one-shoulder top, a poncho wrap or even a scarf. This makes the Soul Warmer perfect for full days on the go.

Picture this: You have to leave your house first thing in the morning to run errands. The weather seems nice so there’s no reason to bring along a jacket or sweater. However, you still make sure your Soul Warmer in your bag.

  • During the day, you get a bit chilly in a room where the AC is cranked up way too high, so you throw your Soul Warmer on.
  • Later on, your throat feels a bit scratchy – thankfully the soul warmer doubles as a soft scarf and keeps your throat nice and warm.
  • You’ve spent all day on the run and are in a hurry to meet your friends for dinner and drinks. Having no time to get home and change is no longer an issue. You just put your Soul Warmer on as a chic one-shoulder top to change up your look and apply a fresh layer of lipstick. Just like that, you’re ready to roll again in record time.



A sarong has been a vacation essential for years now, mostly because of its versatility. At first glance, it is hard to imagine the magic of this oversized piece of triangular, hand-dyed batik fabric. However, once you get the hang of how to use it, you’ll probably wonder how you ever got along before a sarong became a favorite in your wardrobe.

When relaxing in the beaming sun, cover your skin to give it a break and avoid sunburns. Throw it on as a top or cover-up to go from the pool or beach to dining or shopping. In the colder months stay warm by using it as a cozy scarf or a shawl. The possibilities are endless and a sarong is guaranteed to add a unique bohemian vibe to your look.


Skirty Top

Is it a skirt or is it a top? Both! As the name suggests this item transforms from skirt to top and back without any hassle. With the Skirty Top, you’ll always have something to wear whether you prefer to combine it with your favorite top or your “I never leave the house without these” pair of bottoms. Either way, you’ll look and feel fantastic!