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Y2K was a sabbatical year for me.  I had sold a business, my son Drake was young and I decided to take a couple of years to spend more time with him...and with myself.  I became a yoga instructor and my new occupation was self discovery.  As this special time in my life was coming to an end, I manifested a clear awareness that I could no longer create business that was strictly about the mass movement of product.  Company culture had to have a much deeper meaning.... not just for me but in some way, for mankind. During the creation of Hands to Hearts I considered how awesome clothing could somehow benefit humanity.  We needed to find just the right project that Hands to Hearts could support.  The process included some soul searching/prayer and the result was...Robert Epstone.   Jostein, my business partner, met Robert first and cautioned me to look past his dreadlocks and bare feet.  My first impression of this special man was "an authentic force of nature" leading with "an open heart."  He explained to me that he had not worn shoes for two years and is committed to this basic daily practice until $1,000,000 is raised in support of Solemen.  I just witnessed him traveling to his hometown of London, England during the cold holiday months via Facebook and yes...sans footwear. Solemen Indonesia (Solemen), is an Indonesian registered non-profit charity primarily focusing efforts on helping the disadvantaged in Bali, Indonesia.  They are one of the most well known and trusted charities in Bali.  www.solemen.org small solemen logo The time I have spent in Bali with Robert and his team has changed who I am.  These humanitarians work tirelessly to ease the suffering of Balinese people and children who have no where else to turn.  Government support does not exsist.  When parents can not assist their children who are born with profound challenges there is a stigma of shame.  Solemen provides much needed relief whether it is medicine, wheelchairs or nutritious food. solemen 2 The life experience of the afflicted is not only positively transformed, so are their families.  An entire community witnesses a child who has lived their whole life on the floor in a back room, become a functioning member of society. This is cultural change happening at a ground roots level and it is incredibly powerful.  Please take the time to watch this 2 minute video to meet the Solemen Team and some of the "Solebuddies" that they are helping. https://www.youtube.com/watchv=OFOsjWFd254 Hands to Hearts provides a small but significant monthly donation that we are committed to growing.  Watch for a special Solemen product in the FW2016 launch.  100% of our proceeds of the sale of this product will go to Solemen.  We are so blessed and fortunate to live in our amazing country during this precious human life.  It is our responsibility to do what we can for those less fortunate.  I am so honored, proud and grateful to support this amazing foundation. Here in lies the deeper meaning.  Namaste.Children photo

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