3 Tips On How To Become A Master Of Mixing And Matching

3 Tips On How To Become A Master Of Mixing And Matching

There are many perks to mixing and matching: You get more wear out of each piece in your wardrobe if you are easily able to pick out items and have fun with finding cool combinations!

Do yourself the favor of making it easy to feel and look amazing every day with a focus on creating a versatile wardrobe with an outfit for every occasion.

With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be the master of mixing and matching in no time!

1. Know how colors work

Have you ever looked at a woman in bright colored clothes and smiled without really knowing why? It turns out that’s because color impacts our mood a lot more than we think.

Recent research confirms what we already believe and live by. Warm, bright colors release dopamine, which makes us feel good. The explosiveness of colors such as red, yellow and orange can be a fuel for energy, much like an actual explosion. Cooler colors release oxytocin which makes us calmer. This means you can relax yourself by adding a cool color to your outfit. 

Wearing complimenting colors gives your outfit a softer look, where clashing colors make for louder combinations. Both are sure to spread positive energy throughout your day, but does that mean that other people will feel the positive vibes? The short answer is yes. Use your wardrobe to generate the mood you want to see and experience in the world. Here are a few examples:

  • One of those “Here I come!” days? Wear warm and bright colors and you’ll be sure to stir up that boring Monday morning meeting.
  • A day for encouragement while listening and being there for a dear friend? Wear something blue and toned down – Maybe add a bit of green for hope.
  • Feeling like something grey? Instead of canceling your plans, meditate and relax with a cup of tea and throw on your brightest, most colorful clothes! Even if it feels a little bit wrong at first, you’ll soon be filled with positive energy and feel ready to conquer the day!

Featured outfit:

Skirt (sold out) 

Soul Warmer


2. Have endless combinations from a base of just one item!

We all have a limited number of items in our wardrobes. If you are looking to optimize their usage, here is the idea for making it easy for you! It also helps eliminate the mornings where you’re looking in your closet, panicking because you have absolutely no idea what to wear and a maximum of 2 minutes to get ready.

If you feel confident in wearing a lot of color and powerful batik patterns, it is easy to have a wardrobe where everything looks great together. If you are a little more sensitive (like the most of us) the number one trick is to incorporate basics as we’ve done with the white t-shirt in the outfit below. Now all there is left to do is find out what combinations you like the most – the possibilities are endless.

Here is the simple yet efficient recipe for those mornings where you need to be somewhere early and everyone in the house apparently needs your help with everything from packing a lunch to getting dressed:

  1. Put on something white or black.
  2. Add basically anything with color (because everything colorful will look great on a canvas of black or white).
  3. Feel awesome for looking terrific in 30 seconds.

Featured outfit:


Pants (new colors)


Soul Warmer

3. “Cheat” a little with versatile and functional items

You only need a few multifunctional pieces that can be used in several ways and therefore be matched with a ton of different items. Our light crochet soul warmer is one of our multifunctional items and can be used as a scarf, worn as a shirt and over your shirt to keep you warm (How is that even possible? Check our article below).

With multifunctional key items, possibilities are many and they all look good! It is not really cheating but it feels just a little bit like it because you get so much versatility from only one item. Awesome!