10 Perfect Christmas Presents

10 Perfect Christmas Presents

Here are some much needed ideas for colorful Holiday gifts!

H2H Team / Fashion  

Buying off "Christmas fashion wishlist" for our loved ones can be a courageous effort, but non the less makes for fun surprises!! The effort of spending time finding something special for friends and family is a meaningful gesture in itself.

These are some of our "easy to fit and easy to love" items which you can buy at little risk of them being returned. She will received countless compliments, especially from you. 

1. The Traveler: A very popular Christmas gift! This comfortable hoodie is made in soft and easy to wear/care for fabric which makes it the perfect layering piece.

Select this stylish, cozy garment in Indigo, Black or Natural. No matter which color you choose this item is definitely a Christmas present winner because it is a one size piece that everyone enjoys wearing!! (no risk of getting the size wrong).

2. Batik Crop Leggings Bubbles: Created from hand dyed and batik hand stamped cotton lycra, this makes every pair special and unique.

They are crazy comfortable to wear and will provide her with complete freedom of movement. Give a pair to that someone special who lives for the ultimate in artistic athleisure wear!

3. Metal Mesh Tassel Necklace: Are you on the look for an elegantly simple and beautiful gift idea? Take a look at our Metal Mesh Tassel Necklace.

This piece comes in both silver and gold and has an graceful yet a uniquely funky vibe to it. A very versatile necklace and therefore a definite hit as a Christmas gift. A winner for the unique woman who appreciates a creative accent for her ensemble.

4. Wrapsody Headband: Created in the same style as our leggings with hand printing and dying techniques, the fabrication of our fun headbands is soft cotton lycra. They are as functional as fashion can be.

It can be worn as a headband, as a neck scarf, buff or as full head covering. You will discover more than 20 different colors and prints at a very affordable price.

5. Metal Mesh Tassel Earrings: Pair these stunners with the Metal Mesh Tassel Necklace and tie the entire outfit together with an extra gift.  

A fantastic fashion statement on their own, these earrings are a great gift at a great price!

6. Two Tone Chillax Tee: Perfect for pre/post yoga practice or hanging out. This piece can be styled with any of our leggings and creates a crazy comfortable outfit.

Best thing is, its an effortless choice for Holiday parties while looking and feeling fantastic. Go for this piece and prepare for the barage of compliments headed your way!!

7. Batik Crop Legging Bamboo Forest: Talking of great outfits, the Two Tone Chillax Tee and these Bamboo Forest batik printed crop leggings are a perfect match.

Actually, this particular batik print will put some spice in any outfit and is the perfect gift for that fun, adventurous friend.

8. Leather Tassel Earrings: Created with soft, subtle leather these boho earrings are easily a daily go to.

They work well as a great, versatile gift for both the work day and a fun night out with friends.

9. Batik Marbled Tie Up Top: Light and airy which makes this a perfect top for layering. The front split gives you the opportunity to either tie it up or keep it loose and flowy.

The fabric is made of soft cotton lycra and is very soft on your skin. An easy to wear/easy to care for gift she will adore.

10. Batik Long Legging Black Marble: You can have enough basics that make you feel and look fantastic!!

The Black Marble hand dyed texturing provides a unique edge to these otherwise daily "go to" leggings.

Create a complete full outfit, Hands to Hearts is ideal for personal mix & matching!

Are you considering investing a bit more towards a complete uniquely personal look? Hands to Hearts makes it easy for mixing and matching.

Take a look at the many colorful cropped leggings or easy to fit tops also known as Soul Warmers. If you want to add a little extra spice, there are 21 styles of colorful headbands in our shop!

Why not give a fashionable Christmas gift to that special woman on your list? What is your fave on our "Top 10 Gifting List"? Happy Holiday shopping!!