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The entire Hands to Hearts team is committed to the idea of giving back. We are a socially conscious group of people who desire to make the work we do more meaningful. Bali is known for it’s beauty, however many of it’s inhabitants are living in extreme poverty. Through the creation of our products, we are creating the opportunty for hundreds of people to provide for their families. However, we wanted to do more. We have been on a journey to find the right project to give our support.

Hands to Hearts is humbly honored to support Solemen. This is an inspiring foundation created by our friend, Robert Epstone.  Solemen is an awesomely dedicated, compassionate and highly trained team of outstanding humanitarians dedicating their lives unselfishly each day to help the disadvantaged of Indonesia.  We send a small, yet significant donation to Solemen every month.  The Hands to Hearts team is committed to growing this support in the future.  Please watch the video below and consider donating personally.  Please know that all your Hands to Hearts purchases carry a socially conscience significance.