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Our Story


img1Founded in January 2014, Hands to Hearts has roots in cultural diversity.   Our vision is to provide the modern woman with functional fashion garments and accessories that are hand crafted by global artisans.  We believe in warming souls, as our best selling Soul Warmers are everyone’s favorite multi-seasonal wrap.  Many hands are involved in crafting these exciting life adornments that will effortlessly touch your heart.

The partners, Jostein Haugum from Denmark and Nancy Bankston from the US, have united entrepreneurial spirits and the love of beautiful product creation.  The company is based in Austin, Texas and is directed by Nancy.  It is a small but highly committed team, managed by Spencer Kilpatrick.  Every order is treated with the upmost care and gratitude.

img2Nancy travels to Bali, Indonesia to meet and work with a talented team there in the creation of the Hands to Hearts two seasonal collections, Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.  The design process is usually blessed with the skill and gifted eye of Jostein’s  daughter, Vinca Haugum.

Jostein and Nancy collaborate to steer the company’s vision and social responsibility.  Special time is always set aside to meet and work with our gifted artisans and the amazing team of humanitarians, Solemen. Solemen help the disadvantaged in Bali. Please see their tab below this one to learn more about this dedicated organization we are very proud to support.

All of our unique and special products are currently hand crafted in Bali.   We envision that some day soon more global artisans from other beautiful places on our planet will join the Hands to Hearts team.