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A Leap of Faith or Shove from the Universe?

This quote was never more true for me than on October 1, 2013.  The Universe witnessed me balancing on the edge of a major life/career change and decided to give me a decisive shove into that scary but exciting space of limitless possibility called unemployment.  Within a few short weeks, I found myself in Bali, Indonesia working with an acquaintance who would soon become my new business partner and friend, Jostein Haugum from Denmark and his talented daughter, Vinca.  My immediate goal was to create a new brand and bring a collection of fashion garments and accessories to the January 2014 wholesale markets.

RICE PADDIES UBUDBali provided the perfect backdrop for manifesting my new company.  Every morning of this creative journey I woke at dawn to calling roosters and meditated on my porch overlooking the rice paddies of Ubud.  I wanted to channel all the experience I had gained over the  last forty years in the fashion industry to this exciting venture.  The new brand name had to be fresh and descriptive of our envisioned company culture and product creation.  Soon lists of ideas swirled in my mind, then to paper and ultimately into Google.

I was shocked to find almost every website domain in the world seemed to be taken.  Then I discovered the  perfect one that embodied “many Hands creating beautiful products that touch many Hearts”.  Once I returned home, the name Hands to Hearts became h2h logo blk wht smalleven more alive, thanks to the gifted artist and my friend, Lesley Silvia,  It was the support of my amazing family and friends that lifted me to the moment of launching Hands to Hearts at America’s Mart in Atlanta, GA, in January 2014.

As the business has evolved, many yoga studios across the country are beginning to  discover the quality, comfort and ease of our products and appreciate their artistic handmade nature.  Having practiced and studied yoga ansana and philosophies for over 20 years, I feel so grateful.  It was this natural progression of events that led me to realize the name of my company humbly mirrors the Anjali Mudra.  This gesture, shown below, is a symbol of reverence, benediction, and salutation.  It “seals” energy in the body and “seals” your relationship with the Devine.  Thank you for reliving the joyful, organic beginnings of Hands to Hearts with me. Namaste, NancyANJALI MUDRA


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  1. Myra Wexler

    Thank you for
    sharing your journey.
    Manifesting greatness
    Big congratulation
    Beloved Nancy Bankston

    1. h2h Author

      Thank you Myra. Your beautiful haiku means the world to me. xoxo

  2. Heidi

    So beautiful! So happy you all have made this company. I love the products & wear them daily! Currently have two seed bead ‘necklaces’ wrapped on my wrists and am feeling cozy in the airconditioning due to my Grey crocheted soul warmer. ???


    Love the quote Nancy and so happy for you! I wish you the very best with your new business and for always.
    Love ya!

  4. vinca

    What a beautiful story. I hope the soulwarmers will warm souls and hearts.
    I am so grateful to be part of your journey.

  5. Keith Emmons

    Nancy, you have been such a wonderful friend and an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life with so many people. Keep up the good work.

  6. Francoise Reinhardt

    Just was introduced to your clothing line, love it comfortable full of freedom of movement inspiring colors.

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